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"our superior quality isn't compromised by our low cost painting!"


Superior Painting Pros

Superior Painting Pros is a Commercial and Residential Charlotte Painting Contractor that has a staff of painters that have painted from small 2-3 room housing projects all the way up to multi-million dollar projects such as the Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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"A full service commercial & residential painting company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina"

Although we are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are a painting company that can deliver superior painting services throughout the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  We take our professional work ethic on the road with us and our staff has management experience ranging back to the 90's.  All of our painters take pride in themselves and their professional appearances show when they walk up to your job.  

We don't have to push our guys to go to residential homeowners projects in clean painter white pants, they do it on their own because they like to beat the stereotype of the average painter.  When we come to your door, you know that you chose to work with the right company.

General contractors and commercial project managers, our guys also like to dress up for you as well.  They want you to know that they mean business once they step on your job site. We treat them with respect so they like to make themselves as well as our company look professional and superior.

Whether you are a residential homeowner in Charlotte or a  commercial project manager in South Carolina, we will provide you the same quality service that is expected from a professional painting company. We paint interior and exterior surfaces and provide minor repairs to areas needed to make sure you get the most of our painting such as; caulking, wood patching/putty, minor drywall repair, sanding, and prime/seal areas needed.


A Superior Painting Contractor Company

We are striving to become Charlotte's leading minority commercial and residential painting contractor firm in the area, also in other cities and states including; all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  Everything about our service translates into us being the superior commercial and residential painting company in Charlotte and second to none of the other contractors.  There are other large minority contractor painting companies in Charlotte and our staff has mentioned that we are the winner by far because we have the work ethic, integrity and drive to be the best.  We aren't out to swindle our client with unwarranted service and bad quality products, we want to build a long lasting relationship from homeowners to commercial contractors because both types of clients lead to repeat business and referrals.
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