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"our superior quality isn't compromised by our low cost painting!"

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What makes us a superior painting service company?

We focus on building long-term professional relationships with private homeowners in Charlotte, NC to project managers and general contractors in South Carolina, Tennesse and Virginia. You can get our guarantee that you will be satisfied before making your final payment to us.  Once the job is completed, you will walk around with one of our managers to determine that every aspect of your experience is met and only then will we have you sign our customer satisfaction form letting us know that you are pleased with our service.  As a business, our goal is to show our professional structure to all of our clients so you will know you have chosen the superior painting contractor.

Our name sets the standard for the type of business you want coming to your establish, there is no way better to explain who we are except through our name and our professionalism when you encounter our work ethic.   As a minority painting company we have to be better than our competition and that is why we spent a ton of time and money on this web page so you can see our dedication to you.

Minority companies in Charlotte come and go, and we plan to stay here for the long haul by translating our company name into the superior service we provide to you.


Our staff has years of experience and has worked for countless homeowners as well as general contractors like Edison Foard, Turner, BE & K, Bovis, Rodgers Builders and countless other contractors. The contractors above mentioned support professional minority painting businesses, because they are into doing good business.

We have also worked for real estate agents, investors and property management companies since the 90's painting their properties for their clients or their personal effects.

Paint and Color Selection

When we come out to your site we have our color chart with us in case you want us to supply the paint.  We want to make sure you have a plethora of colors to choose from, so you can make the right color decision.  You aren't going to waste your time with us because before we invest in painting your project, big or small, we will make sure we have a clear understanding of what you want painted and the colors you want to use by us signing off on our company letterheads ensuring that we are in good communication from start to finish.  That's the only way we do business because that's the way to do good business.

What color matches your personality?

Did you know that certain colors can cause different moods?  Why don't you take the color test so you can see what colors fit your personality or the personality you want displayed.  Go to Play the color test game.  This fun crafty game is sponsored by Porter Paints.  Enjoy!

The things you can expect when we start your project!

"It's the small things that matter most to us" 

  • All surfaces are inspected before we start painting.
  • We sand while a specialist mud or putty the areas that need prepping.
  • Every needed area is caulked to give a quality look when the final coat is applied.
  • A mask is applied to prevent unwanted paint drips or splatter.
  • The areas that have mud and putty are revisited for sanding then primed for a smooth finish and if there's a stained area we use high quality commercial stain blocker products that get the job done right the first time.

Do you want to know how your rooms will look before we paint them?

Sherwin Williams has put together a new tool that shows you what colors are likely to look once applied on your walls before you choose a color.  That was smart and it's saving smart homeowners and project managers like you that chose to come to our site to explore your options to find a superior painting contractor.

The name of the software is called "Visualizer".  All you do is simply upload pictures of the rooms from your project that you want painted and viola.  Go take a look at how your project will turn out by going to "Visualizer"  The Visualizer will open in a new secure window so it won't work unless you have your pop-up blocker disabled.  The software works on exterior projects the same.

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