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Each company provides high quality commercial grade paints that are environmental friendly with low VOC or non VOC. 
VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and low to no VOC meets the standards of the Master Painter Institute (MPI).  
According to the EPA indoor air is 3 times more polluted than outdoor and paint products are in the top five
leading causes to human health related problems.
The use of Low to No VOC paints has lowered the pollution in land fields, the paints let off low odor, non-hazardous 
disposal, easy to clean and provide efficient paint cover.  The products we use can be used in schools compliant with 
California Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and some of their products are given credit by 
LEED (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design).
We are not only in the business to provide you the best quality for your dollar but we want to make sure we use the 
best quality products that last and are healthy for you to be around, as well as us.

You can click on any of the images so you can go see for yourself the quality of paint that will use on any given project.  
It's up to you which product you want to use for your painting needs.  We also added links to their green programs so 
you can do your research with ease.  You really are in good hands when you choose to go with the 
Superior Painting Pros.

Sherwin Williams Paint Products

Sherwin Williams Green Program is called Green Guard.  

Benjamin Moore Paints

Ben Moores Green initiative is called the Green Promise.


PPG Porter Paints

PPG Porter Paints Go Green team is called Extreme Green.

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